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Science fiction was present in our culture preety much since the Industrial Revolution, when the writers realized that the fast improvement of technology can completely change our lives. And it did - many of the things we are using today were present in science fiction books or science fiction movies in the past as a seemingly impossible dream. Personal communicators that we can just put in our pockets, special boxes that could transfer the audio and video signals from around the world, the vehicles that could travel faster than speed of sound or reach other planets... They all were just the fruits of someone's imagination and now we use them or see them every day.

Science fiction movies

Hell  2011 scifi movie


2011, Germany

Year 2016, 4 years after the Earth atmosphere was destroyed by solar flares and most of the planet was turned into waterless wasteland. Marie, her boyfriend Phillip and younger sister Leonie are travelling by car hoping to re...

Europa Report  2013 scifi movie

Europa Report

2013, USA

Spaceship with international crew is sent on scientific expedition to Europa, one of the Jupiter’s moon that has whole surface covered with ice. Their goal is to land on Europa and gather samples of the ice and using drilling...

Stranded Black Horizon 2002 scifi movie



Black Horizon

2002, USA

American space shuttle is about to take off with routing mission to bring down the crew of Avna space station, that is about to go down in flames in the atmosphere. Surprisingly National Security Agency official arrives in NA...

Science fiction TV shows

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn  2012 scifi tv show

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

2012, USA

Cadet Thomas Lasky joins the prestigious Corbulo Academy of Military Science, where he will be trained to join in future the United Nations Space Command. UNSC fights the Covenant, the alien species, during the colonization o...

Firefly  2002 scifi tv show


2002, USA

During another stop on one of the planets on the verge of universe crew of small transport ship called Serenity seeks possible passengers to earn some money. They pick up 3 men - one turns out to be a priest called Book, anot...

Lost  2004 scifi tv show


2004, USA

Oceanic Flight 815 from Australia to Los Angeles crashes on unknown island. 48 of the survivors prepare to spend a day or two on the island until they will be rescued, but after a while they realize it might not be possible t...

Science fiction games

Transarctica 1993 scifi game


1993, USA

The thing that everyone on Earth have feared had happened - the another Ice Age has begun and whole world is covered with ice. In year 2714 there are no more deserts, rivers, lakes nor forests - everything is white and cold. ...

Metro: Last Light 2013 scifi game

Metro: Last Light

2013, USA

After the events from Metro 2033, when Artyom has launched the missiles against the Dark Ones (in the canonical ending), he has become a Ranger. Everything went well until he was visited by Khan, a lonely wanderer, who inform...

Fallout 3 2008 scifi game

Fallout 3

2008, USA

In year 2277, 200 years after the nuclear holocaust almost wiped out the entire human kind, the only people alive are the inhabitants of the few underground vaults. At least that is what our protagonist, and all kids born in ...

Science fiction books

Ubik 1969 science fiction book


Philip K. Dick

1969, USA

Glen Runciter built up his company offering the anti-psi services - he hires the people with special skills that are able to block the skills of telepaths, and thus preventing them from reading minds of his clients. One day h...

The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch 1965 science fiction book

The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch

Philip K. Dick

1965, USA

When the climate of Earth is too hot for humans to survive the colonists are sent to other planets and satelites in order to start colonies there. The reality of living on the Mars or other planets are very tough, so the peop...

Solaris 1961 science fiction book


Stanislaw Lem

1961, USA

Kris Kelvin arrives to the Station Solaris, a scientific research station hovering over the planet Solaris, that is being explored by the scientists from Earth for decased now. So far they were able to establish that the whol...

Science fiction short stories

Time Fuze 1954 scifi short story

Time Fuze

Gordon Randall Garrett

1954, USA

The ultradrive had just one slight drawback: it set up a shock wave that made suns explode. Which made the problem of getting back home a delicate one indeed......

The Radiant Shell 1932 scifi short story

The Radiant Shell

Paul Ernst

1932, USA

Arvania has stolen the Ziegler plans and formulae. With their acquisition it becomes the most powerful nation on earth....

The Planetoid of Peril 1931 scifi short story

The Planetoid of Peril

Paul Ernst

1931, USA

Undaunted by crazy tales of an indestructible presence on Asteroid Z-40, Harley 2Q14N20 sets out alone to face and master it....

Science fiction comic books

Superman  1938 scifi comic book


Jerry Siegel

1938, USA

Clark Kent is a reporter at the Metropolis newspaper the Daily Planet. Although a little bit clumsy he takes an important part when the moments come. Within seconds he can transform into Superman and using his skills of flyin...

Science fiction radio shows

2000 Plus  1950 scifi radio show

2000 Plus

1950, USA

Radio science fiction drama series containing different story in each episode. It was the first science fiction radio show for adult audience (preceeding the Dimension X for only a month) and contrary to Dimension X this show...

Dimension X  1950 scifi radio show

Dimension X

1950, USA

Radio science fiction drama series containing different story in each episode. The stories were often based on the novels and short stories from well known authors, like Isaac Asimov, Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury, Fredric Brown...

X Minus One  1955 scifi radio show

X Minus One

1955, USA

Radio science fiction drama series containing different story in each episode. The stories were often based on the novels and short stories from well known authors, like Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, Robert A. H...

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Story of The Zone

There are areas on Earth where things happen that are escaping any logical explanation - tiny little crystals that are able to give energy to start the car, gravity traps that can kill or mutilate human being within second, unexplained phenomena inviting and dangerous at the same time.

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