Philip K. Dick, American science fiction

Ubik (1969, United States)

1969United States

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Ubik  1969 scifi novel

Glen Runciter built up his company offering the anti-psi services - he hires the people with special skills that are able to block the skills of telepaths, and thus preventing them from reading minds of his clients or their employees. One day his talent scout introduces him to Pat Conley, a girl that is able to jump back in time and change the reality. Runciter and his right-hand-man Joe Chip are skeptical hearing that story. But something unusual happens at the same time - mysterious client places the order to hire Runciterís whole team to protect undisclosed company on the Moon. Without hesitation Runciter accepts the mission and takes 10 of his best anti-telepaths and Pat Conley to the Moon. After arrival bomb explosion kills Runciter. Joe Chip and the 10 surviving agents have to act quick and find the guilty part, but also to save Runciter. The technology of cryonic suspension is available to keep him in half-life state for long time, so at least he would be able to communicate. Dead wife of Runciter was kept in that state for years now, so Chip takes the body of his boss to the same place. Soon they begin to receive the strange messages from Runciter and things around them seem to change somehow. Confused Joe Chip tries to figure out what is going on.

One of the best Philip K. Dick novels presents the world of future, where the state of half-life is keeping the loved ones of rich people available for conversations. Amazing plot in this well written book keeps the reader intrigued until the last page... and beyond.

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4 / 5

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