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Capsule (2012, United States)

2012United States

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Capsule  2012 science fiction computer game

You are trapped in a capsule - you donít know how, you donít know why, you donít know where. Only one blurry monitor screen is on - this is your only contact with the outside world. You receive the coordinates of nearby base and using the capsule engine you try to reach it. The electric engine is using your power reserves and as you will soon discover you are using the other vital resource - the air. You must decide how to approach your target - travel fast and use more energy or travel slow and risk that you will run out of the oxygen. Both options - run out of power or out of oxygen mean the same - death. But there is other option - on your way you can find resources (air pockets, ion vents), but to identify them you must use your radar impulse, which means energy, which means shorter range of your capsule. There is another reason why radar is not always the best solution, because there are thing outside that you would not like to wake up by the radar waves...

Very original indie scifi game that builds a great atmosphere - the claustrophobic, dark reality of being trapped inside small capsule and going through unknown territory hoping to survive. Unfortunately the game is very, very simple - basically it is same element repeated several times when you have to reach bases further and further away from each other and find the messages left by the unknown people, who obviously were here before you. Once you reach the end (which is not easy), there is also very atmospheric ending, but the whole thing is slightly disappointing. The concept was great, the blurry monitor is great, the sound effects are great, but Capsule would be great as an addition to a game, not a stand-alone project.

Our rating

4.0 / 10

Overall rating

4 / 10

Reality complexity

3 / 5


2 / 5

Story complexity

1 / 5

Capsule American science fictionCapsule American science fictionCapsule American science fiction

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Capsule  2012 science fiction computer gameCapsule  2012 science fiction computer game

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