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X-COM: Enforcer (2001, United States)

2001United States

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X-COM: Enforcer  2001 scifi game

When Hasbro Interactive took over the X-COM series in 1999 their first move was rather... unexpected to put it mildly - they published low budget game X-COM: First Alien Invasion that was using e-mail transfers as medium for multi-player game, which was a surprising choice. But their next step was even more revolutionary (again - to put it mildly) - instead of continuing the X-COM series as strategy game they developed X-COM: Enforcer, a mindless third-person shooter that has absolutely nothing to do with the previous games.

Well, ok, it had something to do - the game used alien creatures similar to those from previous games, but thatís it. In simplified 3D reality we run through the levels that look like they were made for consoles and shoot the aliens, who are dropping on Earth through the transporter units. On the way we gather the development points, we gather better (or rather different, they are not always better) weapons, ammunition, we find the medikits and... thatís the whole game.

Hasbro Interactive was planning to publish two more games from X-COM series, X-COM: Genesis and X-COM: Alliance, but thank god they didnít and soon after they ceased to exist. X-COM: Enforcer was a terrible idea to make some easy money on the success of UFO: Enemy Unknown and further titles, but without too much effort put in is, so we have a simple rip-off of the alien creatures from previous games and rest of the project was just a oversimplified shooter that was a complete waste of time.

Our rating

2.8 / 10

Overall rating

2 / 10

Reality complexity

1 / 5


3 / 5

Story complexity

1 / 5

X-COM: Enforcer Will Gee, American science fictionX-COM: Enforcer Will Gee, American science fictionX-COM: Enforcer Will Gee, American science fiction

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