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X-COM: Interceptor (1998, United States)

1998United States

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X-COM: Interceptor  1998 sci-fi computer game

Fourth game from X-COM series put the emphasis on completely different part of the gameplay. In previous games we were dealing with the alien species after they landed on Earth, while in X-COM: Interceptor we are part of the orbital defences. X-COM builds the space stations armed with interceptors in order to prevent enemy spaceships from reaching Earth and thus preventing the next invasion. We take part in dual role - we manage the bases (similar to previous games), but also we take part in the engagements with the alien forces.

Just like in previous games we intercept enemy spaceships, but this time we actually take part in the interception taking control of one of the Earth fighters involved. The space flight and space fight simulations are the major parts of the game - while we still manage the bases, detection of enemy forces approaching Earth and develop new technologies the main part of the game is the space fight.

Comparing to previous games the strategy and economy parts were downsized, but still the atmosphere of the game is quite similar to UFO: Enemy Unknown and X-COM: Terror from the Deep. On the other hand lack of full strategy modules in the game are a bit disappointing, but the game was developed when X-Wing series was in full swing and there were many people fascinated by space fight / space flight games. Financially X-COM: Interceptor was a disaster, only about 30,000 copies were sold (comparing to over 1 million in case of UFO: Enemy Unknown or X-COM: Terror from the Deep), although the reviews were not that bad. I guess MicroProse simply experimented with new approach to their own idea and it backfired since hardcore fans of X-COM were expecting something different.

Our rating

3.2 / 10

Overall rating

4 / 10

Reality complexity

1 / 5


2 / 5

Story complexity

1 / 5

X-COM: Interceptor Dave Ellis, American science fictionX-COM: Interceptor Dave Ellis, American science fictionX-COM: Interceptor Dave Ellis, American science fiction

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