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Edge of Tomorrow (2014, United States)

2014United States

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Edge of Tomorrow  2014 science fiction film

Running time: 112 minutes

Language: English

Major William Cage, a public affairs officer, arrives to Britain, the last hope of Europe that was invaded by extraterestrial creatures called Mimics. Cage is given order by his superior to cover the landing operation that will take place next day in France, but he refuses to take that risk and even tries to blackmail General Brigham. General has him arrested, demoted to private and sends him to join the landing oepration, even though Cage has no idea how to operate the combat equipment. After getting on the nerves of his new commander he is introduced to the squad that he just joined and soon put into exoskeleton and dropped over France. Despite having problems with activating his weapons Cage manages to kill one of the Mimics, but the whole operation is disaster. Cage himself dies when acid blood of the Mimic burns his flesh, but later he wakes up on the airport and again is introduced to his new commander, his squad, dropped over France and killed again. This loop just keeps repeating until Sergeant Rita Vrataski durign the battle tells him to find her in the army base next time he wakes up.

Sci fi film based on the novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, places us in the world of future battlefield, where the enemy is alien lifeform that invaded almost whole Europe. Major Cage discovers that he got in some sort of time loop that each time he is killed on the battlefield brings him back to the point he enters the new squad. The visual side of the movie is rather impressive, although the weak point of the project is the story behind the alien lifeform and the time loop that is really, really weak. Tom Cruise again plays his usual character of the only righteous guy around and the only man that can save the world, which is not only predictible, but a but boring to be honest.

Our rating

6.8 / 10

Overall rating

7 / 10

Reality complexity

4 / 5


4 / 5

Story complexity

2 / 5

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Creators of Edge of Tomorrow

Doug Liman films


Christopher McQuarrie films


Jez Butterworth films


John-Henry Butterworth films


Hiroshi Sakurazaka films


Cast of Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise films
as Major Cage

Emily Blunt films
as Rita

Brendan Gleeson films
as General Brigham

Bill Paxton films
as Master Sergeant Farell

Jonas Armstrong films
as Skinner

Noah Taylor films
as Dr. Carter

Tony Way films
as Kimmel

Charlotte Riley films
as Nance

Kick Gurry films
as Griff

Franz Drameh films
as Ford

Dragomir Mrsic films
as Kuntz

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