Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kristen Wiig, British science fiction

Paul (2011, United Kingdom)

2011United Kingdom

Categories: alien species2010s sci-fi

Paul  2011 scifi movie

Running time: 100 minutes

Language: English

Two British comic fans are taking trip of their lifeto America - after visiting ComicCon they rent a camper and drive down the route where UFOs where seen in southern states. While passing by Area 51 they collide with a car and few moments later they are standing face to face with an alien. But despite his typical look he is not typical alien - he speaks English, well swears at least, knows more about human life than can be expected ans is not interested in probing people through their anus or otherwise. He said his name is Paul and that he has escaped from secret laboratory where the American government kept him last 50 years. Soon the secret agents are after him and the two nerds aredetermined to help him.

Another scifi comedy from duo Pegg-Frost is story of stereotypical geeks thst accidentally stumble upon a real alien, who is more human than they could have expected. Unfortunately just like in case of other Pegg-Frost films this one is also not very successful. On one hand we have interesting plot that could have easily created many funny moments, but on the other hand many of those opportunities where wasted and the final effect is rather disappointing.

Our rating

4.8 / 10

Overall rating

5 / 10

Reality complexity

2 / 5


3 / 5

Story complexity

2 / 5

Full Paul

 Paul Paul

Creators of Paul

Greg Mottola films


Simon Pegg films


Nick Frost films


Cast of Paul

Simon Pegg films
as Graeme Willy

Nick Frost films
as Clive Gollings

Kristen Wiig films
as Ruth Buggs

Jason Bateman films
as Agent Zoil

Bill Hader films
as Agent Haggard

Joe Lo Truglio films
as Agent O’Reilly

Jeffrey Tambor films
as Adam Shadowchild

David Koechner films
as Gus

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