Stephen Mangan, Dave Lamb, Alistair McGowan, British science fiction

ElvenQuest (2009, United Kingdom)

2009United Kingdom

Categories: fantasy2000s sci-fi

ElvenQuest  2009 scifi radio series

Running time: 30 minutes

Language: English

During a book signing event writer Sam Porter realizes how bored he is with the fans that poke into every detail of his fantasy books. But two of the fans, dressed into costumes, are not actually his fans - they are the travellers from Lower Earth, who crossed through a portal looking for the Chosen One that will help them in their quest for Sword of Asnagar. Sam is surprised and honoured to be the Chosen One, but it turns out he is not the one they are looking for, the Chosen One is Amis, Sam’s dog. Since the portal is about to close there is no time for further explanation, so Sam and Amis jump through it into Lower Earth and join the quest. For Amis, who in this world is a human, it is destiny, but for Sam it turns out to be a problem - he actually can’t get back home until they will find the sword. In another part of the Lower Earth Lord Darkness prepares his hordes of poorly educated subordinates to stop the quest and find the Sword of Asnagar for him.

British radio comedy show that is a parody of Lord of the Rings and fantasy as genre - instead of brave heroes we have cynical Sam, Amis a dog turned into a man, sexy Penthiselea the Warrior Princess, dimwitted Vidar the Elf Lord and Dean the Dwarf who has very little actual skills. As their opposition there is Lord Darkness, who has more problems within his dark empire than actual power to stop the quest, and his right hand Kreech, who is his servant in all the unpleasant duties. It is a great show that appeals not only to the fans of fantasy genre.

Our rating

5.6 / 10

Overall rating

8 / 10

Reality complexity

3 / 5


2 / 5

Story complexity

1 / 5

ElvenQuest Stephen Mangan, Dave Lamb, Alistair McGowan, British science fictionElvenQuest Stephen Mangan, Dave Lamb, Alistair McGowan, British science fictionElvenQuest Stephen Mangan, Dave Lamb, Alistair McGowan, British science fiction

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Creators of ElvenQuest

Anil Gupta films


Richard Pinto films


Cast of ElvenQuest

Stephen Mangan films
as Sam Porter

Dave Lamb films
as Amis the Chosen One

Alistair McGowan films
as Lord Darkness

Kevin Eldon films
as Kreech

Kevin Eldon films
as Dean the Dwarf

Sophie Winkleman films
as Penthiselea the Warrior Princess

Darren Boyd films
as Vidar the Elf Lord

Chris Pavlo films
as various

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