Nicola Walker, Christopher Fulford, Steve Huison, British science fiction

The Last Train (1999, United Kingdom)

1999United Kingdom

Categories: post-apocalyptic reality1990s sci-fi

The Last Train  1999 science fiction tv show

Running time: 300 minutes

Language: English

Group of random passengers take places at the commuter train in Sheffield. They have people awaiting them, they have things to take care of, they have plans what to do whey they arrive to their destinations. One of them, young woman, seems to be nervous and she has strange looking container in her bag. The train leaves the station and the passengers begin to relax. When they enter one of the railway tunnels something happens and tunnel collapses trapping the train inside. When the passengers begin to regain consciousness they try to find the way out of the collapsed tunnel. Once outside they notice something strange - the area is very quiet, there are no people, there are no signs of civilization. Every house they see is empty, every building seems to be long deserted, the plants are growing on the walls...

The only explanations the passengers can think of is that years must have passed between the collapse of the tunnel and present time. Young woman, who was acting strangely when they departed from Sheffield, Harriet Ambrose, knows the truth. Actually it has been more than years - it has been decades. The container she had in her bag was full of gas that hibernated the passengers trapped in the carriage. She is, or rather was at the beginning of the journey, scientist working for Ministry of Defence. She knew about the upcoming asteroid strike that killed probably whole human kind. She knew, because she worked on project Ark, huge underground shelters that would preserve the humans. She knows how to find Ark, but right now they have to find supplies and some way of travelling.

Attacked by stray dogs they have run away. Mick Sizer finds a van that could carry the whole group, but he refuses to take them on board. He does not believe in the Ark, he is convinced he will be better on his own, since he has found a weapon and the car. Finally rest of the passengers are given the place onboard and they leave directed by Harriet. Soon they notice something they did not expected - a human beings. But it does not seem the survivors are friendly...

British miniseries set in post-apocalyptic Britain, where only group of people have survived the asteroid crash. They travel through deserted countryside trying to reach the Ark, where they could join other survivors. But even in the face of many dangers they canít help being just humans with the virtues and the flaws. The premise is interesting, but since episode 2 the show begins to lack pace and the story is a bit too simple to fill 6 episodes. Still a good cast and not bad script.

Our rating

4.8 / 10

Overall rating

5 / 10

Reality complexity

2 / 5


3 / 5

Story complexity

2 / 5

Creators of The Last Train

Stuart Orme films


Alex Pillai films


Matthew Graham films


Cast of The Last Train

Nicola Walker films
as Harriet Ambrose

Christopher Fulford films
as Ian Hart

Steve Huison films
as Colin Wallace

Treva Etienne films
as Mick Sizer

Amita Dhiri films
as Jandra Nixon

James Hazeldine films
as Austin Danforth

Zoe Telford films
as Roe Germaine

Sacha Dhawan films
as Leo Nixon

Janet Dale films
as Jean Wilson

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