post-apocalyptic reality in science fiction

Fallout 3 2008 scifi game

Fallout 3

2008 United States

Two hundred years after nuclear war that left Earth in ruins the Wanderer emerges from one of the underground vaults and sets out to adventure of his life and mission to save what is left of the human kind.

I Am Legend  2007 scifi movie

I Am Legend

2007 United States

When virus kills most of the population and turns the rest in aggresive mutants it is up to people like Robert Neville, who are immune to the virus, to keep alive the human kind.

Mad Max: Fury Road  2015 scifi movie

Mad Max: Fury Road

2015 Australia

While crossing mountains Max is captured by War Boys and taken to Immortan Joe’s citadel, where he will be kept as blood bag for one of the warriors. But the world of Immortan Joe is about to change...

Oblivion  2013 scifi movie


2013 United States

On Earth devastated after the war only few people are left to extract the natural resources. Technician taking care of the drones discovers that not everything is what he thought it is.

The Time Machine  1960 scifi movie

The Time Machine

1960 United States

Inventor H. George Wells tells his friends a story of his time travel from the beginning of 20th century to the times where human kind is close to extinction.

The Colony  2013 scifi movie

The Colony

2013 Canada

Due to an experiment Earth enters the new ice age. The few survivors are living in the underground colonies, but even there they are not completely safe.

Metro 2033 2010 scifi game

Metro 2033

2010 Russia

After nuclear war that left Russia in ruins and opened the area for invasion of alien species we set out through the labyrinth of metro tunnels to save the people we grew up with.

Transarctica 1993 scifi game


1993 France

In reality, where whole surface of the Earth is covered with ice, what is left of the trains infrastructure becomes the nerve system of human kind - nothing is done without trains.

10 Cloverfield Lane  2016 scifi movie

10 Cloverfield Lane

2016 United States

Michelle drives down the secluded lane after breaking up with her boyfriend. Something crashes into her car and she wakes up in a cellar, handcuffed to the wall.

Twelve Monkeys  1995 scifi movie

Twelve Monkeys

1995 United States

When deadly virus almost wipes out the human kind the survivors are forced to live below the ground. They have created a time machine and are sending back the criminals hoping to find a way to beat the virus.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome  1985 scifi movie

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

1985 Australia

Max reaches the Bartertown, where he gets involved in conflict between the two rivals for the power over the town.

The Road  2009 scifi movie

The Road

2009 United States

Father and son are travelling through the empty world destroyed by cataclysm. They have to avoid the only predators still alive - other people.

Metro: Last Light 2013 scifi game

Metro: Last Light

2013 Russia

In Moscow left in ruins by nuclear war we again set out through the metro tunnels, this time to fix what we have done wrong the last time - the alien species we have attacked were not our true enemy.

Sexmission Seksmisja 1983 scifi movie




1983 Poland

Two men are hibernated for 50 years and wake up in the reality where there are only women, who are not happy to see them.

Reign of Fire  2002 scifi movie

Reign of Fire

2002 United States

In the world dominated by dragons the people are the endangered species that has to fight for survival.

Chernobyl Diaries  2012 scifi movie

Chernobyl Diaries

2012 United States

Group of tourists is stranded in the middle of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Exclusion Zone - one of the few places in Europe, where you really feel alone. But the problem is they are not alone...

Rage 2011 scifi game


2011 United States

When asteroid collides with Earth human kind ceased to exist... Well, almost, because groups of peoples were put in stasis in underground shelters called the Arks. We resurface the Earth to find it completely different as we might remembered it...

Terminator Salvation  2009 scifi movie

Terminator Salvation

2009 United States

John Connor finds the information about new weapon - the cyborgs using the living tissue. Since that point no one will be able to tell who is human and who is not.

Mad Max 2  1981 scifi movie

Mad Max 2

1981 Australia

In a world, where the gasoline is the most valuable thing, Max is wandering through the wastelands of Australia and finds a small community that is operating oil refinery surrounded by road gangs.

28 Weeks Later  2007 scifi movie

28 Weeks Later

2007 United Kingdom

28 weeks after aggression virus have destroyed the people of Great Britain the new settlers are sent to London under protection from military forces.

Snowpiercer  2013 scifi movie


2013 South Korea

Years after Earth has returned to ice age the only survivors are people on board of self-sufficient train that travels around the world.

The Book of Eli  2010 scifi movie

The Book of Eli

2010 United States

In post-apocalyptic America a lonely traveler arrives to a remnants of a city, where leader of local gang is desperate to take a book away from him.

The World’s End  2013 scifi movie

The World’s End

2013 United Kingdom

Five friends plan to fulfill their teenage dream of finishing the "golden mile" - drinking a pint of lager in each of the 12 pubs in their hometown. But the hometown have somehow changed...

Bounty Killer  2013 scifi movie

Bounty Killer

2013 United States

In a world devastated by the corporations the bounty killer living in Thrice Burned Lands are setting the scores by hunting down the ruthless white-collar criminals.

Six-String Samurai  1998 scifi movie

Six-String Samurai

1998 United States

In post-apocalyptic United States lone warrior called Buddy seems to be the best candidate as next king. But will he live long enough to prove that he is worthy?

The Last Train  1999 scifi tv show

The Last Train

1999 United Kingdom

Commuter train leaves the Sheffield and soon is crashed under collapsing tunnel. The survivors of the crash realize that decades passed between the crash and the moment they have left the train. One of the passengers knows ho...

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials  2015 scifi movie

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

2015 United States

The Gliders are taken to a laboratory-like facility, where they learn they were not the only ones to be kept in the mazes. But there are other secrets to be discovered.

Roadwar 2000 1986 scifi game

Roadwar 2000

1986 United States

When deadly disease almost wiped out the American society and the country was attacked using nuclear weapons the destroyed country is taken over by the road gangs. We take control of one of them in order to bring back order.

Cyborg Masters of the Universe 2 1989 scifi movie



Masters of the Universe 2

1989 United States

Deadly plague almost wiped out the entire population of the world. In the post-apocalyptic world the strongest will survive, but there is someone, who has the answer to how to stop the disease.

The Last Days Los ultimos dias 2013 scifi movie

The Last Days


Los ultimos dias

2013 Spain

When humanity develops a mass and fatal fear of open spaces people are trapped in the buildings and must seek the salvation in the underground tunnels.

The Day After Tomorrow  2004 scifi movie

The Day After Tomorrow

2004 United States

Scientists try to warn the society that global warming can have devastating effects, but when politicians realize that it is already too late.

Logan’s Run  1976 scifi movie

Logan’s Run

1976 United States

In society in which at the age of 30 people are killed to make space for next generation not everyone is happy with that deal.

Waterworld  1995 scifi movie


1995 United States

Lonely drifter called Mariner gets involved in search for mythical Dryland - the only place on Earth that is above the sea level.

Silent Running  1972 scifi movie

Silent Running

1972 United States

In reality where all the plants on Earth have died the orbital greenhouses keep the last specimen of the flora. But one day the order arrives to destroy them.

Hell  2011 scifi movie


2011 Germany

In year 2016 Earth is a wasteland - solar flares have destroyed atmosphere and the land has turned into desert. Three people are trying to reach the mountains, where they believe, still are sources of water.

10,000 Days  2014 scifi movie

10,000 Days

2014 United States

After Comet 23 struck the Earth and brought ice age to the planet only small clans of people survived in the Rocky Mountains. They fight for the limited supplies there are, but one day they find something unusual under the snow.

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Post-apocalyptic survival for dummies

Post-apocalyptic survival for dummies scifi

Since Donald Trump became President Donald Trump there is one question that riddles the greatest minds of our era. Actually there are several questions, like: "how?", "why?", "what his hair are made of?", but there is one that stands out of all those questions. What to do when Trump hits the fan and we all wake up in the post-apocalyptic reality?

Wasteland - the final frontier... for logic

Wasteland - the final frontier... for logic scifi

Wasteland and Fallout games created a fascinating world full of mysteries and colourful characters with some small loopholes, some big loopholes and some gigantic loopholes. Here are the 7 things about Wasteland that makes no sense.

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