totalitarian state in science fiction

Brazil  1985 scifi movie


1985 United Kingdom

Low-key government official discovers that the central system that control the lives of people has made a mistake. He has to face the facts that the rules he has been following to the letter might have been wrong.

V for Vendetta  2005 scifi movie

V for Vendetta

2005 United States

When fascist-like government takes over United Kingdom, United States are in the middle of second civil war and Europe is attacked by the St. Maryís Virus, what the world needs is a man with vision. And a ruthless plan how to...

King Size Kingsajz 1988 scifi movie

King Size



1988 Poland

Great parody of dictatorship systems - imagine how ruthless leader would look like as a dwarf ruling other dwarfs with iron fist. Tiny iron fist.

Children of Men  2006 scifi movie

Children of Men

2006 United States

When people are no longer able to reproduce most of the things in the world donít really matter anymore. Theo, average worker in some company, one day gets involved in plot that will change everything.

Fatherland  1994 scifi movie


1994 United Kingdom

In alternative history American journalist and SS officer team up to reveal the greatest secret of Nazi Germany, the secret so great that Nazis killed their own officials to keep it a secret.

Fahrenheit 451  1966 scifi movie

Fahrenheit 451

1966 United Kingdom

Montag is fireman in a world where fire brigade bring fear into the hearts of orfinary people - their job is to find a burn any books they will find and arrest everyone involved in reading books.

Bunker Palace Hotel  1989 scifi movie

Bunker Palace Hotel

1989 France

When revolution breaks out in the totalitarian state the members of the government use their secret bunker underneath the luxury hotel to hide from the chaos.

Rage 2011 scifi game


2011 United States

When asteroid collides with Earth human kind ceased to exist... Well, almost, because groups of peoples were put in stasis in underground shelters called the Arks. We resurface the Earth to find it completely different as we might remembered it...

Wolfenstein: The New Order 2014 scifi game

Wolfenstein: The New Order

2014 Sweden

Another adaptation of classic first-person shooter - this time in advanced version we are put in year 1946, when Nazi Germany have taken over most of the Europe.

Elysium  2013 scifi movie


2013 United States

Max, hard-working ex-criminal, is exposed to high radiation and has only few days to live. His only hope is to find the way to cure himself on the satellite Elysium.

Snowpiercer  2013 scifi movie


2013 South Korea

Years after Earth has returned to ice age the only survivors are people on board of self-sufficient train that travels around the world.

THX 1138  1971 scifi movie

THX 1138

1971 United States

In a world in which people are under constant control using drugs and strict laws having feelings could be a very dangerous thing.

Loganís Run  1976 scifi movie

Loganís Run

1976 United States

In society in which at the age of 30 people are killed to make space for next generation not everyone is happy with that deal.

Equilibrium  2002 scifi movie


2002 United States

To stop human kind from fighting again the special drug called Prozium was invented - taken each day it stops people from having any feelings.

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Post-apocalyptic survival for dummies

Post-apocalyptic survival for dummies scifi

Since Donald Trump became President Donald Trump there is one question that riddles the greatest minds of our era. Actually there are several questions, like: "how?", "why?", "what his hair are made of?", but there is one that stands out of all those questions. What to do when Trump hits the fan and we all wake up in the post-apocalyptic reality?

Wasteland - the final frontier... for logic

Wasteland - the final frontier... for logic scifi

Wasteland and Fallout games created a fascinating world full of mysteries and colourful characters with some small loopholes, some big loopholes and some gigantic loopholes. Here are the 7 things about Wasteland that makes no sense.

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